Family Support at Tarragal Glen

Tradition suggests retirement village living is for couples and singles, but increasing numbers of retirees are bucking the trend by moving into villages with friends and family members. Rosemary McLeod and her mother Pauline moved to Tarragal Glen in April, and have since been enjoying the relaxed and convenient lifestyle. Village Manager Melissa Hamilton said Rosemary and Pauline were just one of several instances of family members moving to the village together.

“We have sister/sister combos, brother/sister combos, and now some mother/daughter combos,” Melissa said.

Rosemary is the closest family member to her mother, and said moving into the village with her was an easy choice.

“I was living with mum in her unit in Darling Point since I lost my husband a few years back,” Rosemary said.

“Mum decided to sell the unit when she was still fit and active enough to do so, and one day I asked her had she ever thought of moving to a retirement village.” After attending an open house at Tarragal Glen, they ended up buying the first villa they saw.

“Tarragal Glen just felt right for lots of reasons,” Rosemary said.

“It’s level living, the garage comes straight into the villa, we’ve got our own laundry, we’re right on top of Erina Fair shopping centre, plus there’s all the activities and
things we can join in to.”

The peace of mind provided by the close-knit community and village staff was another positive factor in the pair’s move.

“It’s good to know that people are around should anything happen to mum,” Rosemary said.

Tarragal Glen Retirement Village offers relaxed and secure retirement living in peaceful surroundings. For more information, view this listing for Tarragal Glen