NEW Downsizing Survey

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NEW Downsizing Survey
Written by: Ron Reed

Have you ever considered downsizing your home?  Downsizing can make a lot of sense both from a financial and a lifestyle perspective as kids grow up and leave home, house values continue to increase and people think about retiring from full time work. 

Research from our previous surveys indicates around 68% of people aged over 50 are either currently looking to downsize, or expect to downsize in the future, and 90% reported having one or more empty bedrooms in their home.

So what are people looking for? And what's stopping them from going ahead? Is there enough of the right sort of housing stock, in the right locations, at the right pricepoint available?

In order to help ensure that housing construction and supply is better matched with underlying demand, we've set up a survey to show what people actually need; what sort of features and lifestyle they are looking for; and what locations they really want.

Please take a few minutes to take this very quick (and anonymous) survey so your views are included!

Click here to take the survey.


Watch the new Downsizing Property TV show here:

Improving Service and Challenging Stereotypes

Take a quick 2 minute survey to let us know what you are searching for and how you use the internet. It is anonymous and will produce statistics to help us ensure our services are relevant and to challenge some common stereotypes about older adults not being online. Thank you for your time!

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