The health benefits of downsizing

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The health benefits of downsizing
Written by: Ron Reed

For some Australians, the decision to downsize is related to their physical wellbeing.

When we hear the term “downsizing”, images of empty-nesters enjoying leisurely days fishing, golfing or travelling without a high maintenance home to worry about often come to mind. But a study by National Seniors Australia[1] found the most common reason why people move to a smaller residence is physical difficulties in maintaining their previous home or yard.

The survey asked respondents why they were thinking about downsizing, and the most common reason was not being physically able to maintain their home (59%).

This is something worth addressing.

The reality for many Australians is that the ageing process brings physical challenges. Sure, 50 may be the new 40, and mentally, many empty-nesters feel they are at their peak.

But it’s hard to argue that a day spent clearing the garden, mowing the lawns, weeding flower beds and carting all the unwanted stuff to the tip is much more hard yakka at age 55 than it was at 35 or even 45. Who needs it?

Focus on your physical wellbeing – not your home’s

Australians are a house proud bunch, and it can be very difficult to admit that maintaining your home in top-top shape has become physically taxing.

The thing is, downsizing to a more manageable place can still let you enjoy your love of gardening. Or, if you opt for an apartment complex, you can still work out at the gym, take a dip in the complex pool, and recharge sore muscles in the spa – all without having to be responsible for the upkeep of these facilities.

It’s a great way to maintain your physical wellbeing without concerns about whether you’ll cope with keeping the pool clean in winter, or whether you can find the time for a bike ride after you’ve mowed the lawn.

Downsizing can be good for your health

The bottom line is that downsizing can be beneficial for your health. It means less risk of injury through maintenance chores, and more time spent actually using those facilities that can help keep you in physical good shape.

In fact, downsizing could be just the solution you need to “wow” friends and family with your physical wellbeing rather than confronting the ongoing challenge of maintaining a picture-perfect suburban home.


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