Downsizing ticks all the boxes – comfort, value, financial security

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Downsizing ticks all the boxes – comfort, value, financial security
Written by: Ron Reed

The stars are aligning to make now a good time to put your downsizing plans into action.

Australians are blessed with some of the longest lifespans in the world, but according to National Seniors Australia[1], many of us fail to plan financially for this. That’s where downsizing can make a difference.

We need to plan for the future we want

National Seniors says the concept of “residential aged care – or nursing homes – throw dark shadows over old age – and no-one wants to plan for what is a grim future”. It’s a fair point.

But old age doesn’t have to look this way at all.

Downsizing to a new, luxury apartment can offer a fresh lease on life – a chance to enjoy all the creature comforts we often couldn’t afford while raising a family. And let’s face it, empty-nesters are a very lively lot anyway. Australians are working longer – often into our late 60s and 70s. And we feel an average of 10 years younger than we are. Sixty is the new 50.

That’s why downsizing to a luxury apartment can make such good sense.

It offers a low maintenance style of living, a fresh and invigorating start – and a suitable apartment that meets the typical downsizer preference of up to three bedrooms, also allows work from home options.

The icing on the cake is that downsizers can now use the sale of their family home to grow their super, thereby providing funds to last well into old age.

Cooler market conditions deliver more bang for buck

Research shows 60% of empty-nesters either have already downsized or are planning to downsize[2].  And the cooler market conditions in our two largest cities – Sydney and Melbourne are giving downsizers outstanding opportunities to get more bang for their buck.  Long story short, downsizing to an apartment can offer that happy combination of comfort, great value and a boost to financial security.

For downsizers just starting their journey of moving to a more comfortable home, offers a choice of ideal properties. For property professionals, is now listed on Property Realm, making it easy to connect with us to get to know who downsizers and what they are really looking for.


Greg Oddy is Director of Sales and Marketing at and Seniors Housing Online.




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