Private SHORT TERM furnished room suited to mobile senior female - Richmond - VIC

SHORT TERM room - from 2 months to about 9 months - as there is some woodwork damage to the door frame and part of the floor which will be repaired when the builder eventually gets to it!


Smaller size room 3.5 x 2.5m available NOW (13 Feb 2019)....fully furnished with single bed, wardrobe, drawers, dressingtable & chair, bedside table, lamps and blanket/storage box. 
Everything is VINTAGE 
Gets excellent natural light, but the window does NOT open, is lockable, and carpeted. 
Rent $210pw/$910 pcm is VERY cheap as it ALSO includes many other things: Utility bills, SOME household basics (dishwashing liquid etc) and bedlinen. (wifi is EXTRA $2.50pw/$10p mth if you don't have your own mobile data allowance)

Excellent location close to shops and all transport routes (bus, tram, train)  everything is within 400m and easily walkable.

Very quiet household and neighbourhood although now most of the Victorian-era houses have been replaced with offices.

Completely vintage and retro decor throughout. Pocket handkerchief-size wildlife refuge/bee-attracting messy jungle in the garden area (TINY -- not big enough for entertaining!!)

We are an over 50yo single female and an early 20s female English/WHV (she will be leaving late Feb 2019) who LOVE cuppas, markets, music, Op shops, animals on You-Tube, a laugh and D n M chats in the kitchen or at the table, cooking and baking, walks/cycling, doing a bit of DIY and craft / art, gardening, making and re-purposing stuff or watching the urban wildlife in the yard - including some rare birds!

We like bills paid on time, hardly watch TV (but like news, history, documentaries etc), not big into Netflix (we generally use time productively but don't mind the odd movie or two) not at all into watching sport (more into animals, the environment and waste-free/frugal living, or actually doing sport) into cooking from scratch (minimal/ no packaged goods wherever possible, semi-vego) avid recyclers and very eco-conscious. Oh and we eat at a table - together - whenever possible.

We share housecleaning/chores equally without rosters We are not about creating a class divide of any person believing they do not have to participate in or contribute to keeping the place clean. You like it clean? You do it, too!  
We help each other out - just being considerate, responsible, communicative, fair and honest, and prefer the same from housemates. Not willing to let one person do everything and others not pulling their weight, this includes cleaning the stove, fridge, microwave, bath/shower, toilet, washing floors, vacuuming, sweeping any outside paving.and we want the room, house, furnishings or belongings/us to be treated with care. We are not into people that don’t care about anyone/thing else but themselves, cause dramas or BS.

Age of housemates is not relevant, compatible outlooks and lifestyles are. (''Sheeples'', impatient, self-absorbed, LOUD, dishonest and disrespectful people full of BS are definitely not compatible.) 
Nonsmokers, minimal drinkers, no substances, tea-drinking people into active healthy and chemical-free living and all other enviro-eco being frugavores (non-consumerist, recyclers/repurposers) and who like growing fruit, herbs/veg whenever possible, so would willingly double-check the pot-plants or garden has been watered and make sure there is ALWAYS water left out for the wildlife that visits our 'urban jungle oasis' yard.

People who generally go out to socialize/meet friends & family rather than bring them home because the house is REALLY very small (and also mindful of possible noise-levels when other housemates are trying to sleep, meditate or study) are preferred.

Basically, similar-ish drug-and mostly alcohol-free active and mobile DTE 'urban hippy' type housemates who know all about compromise/team work and who like a humble unpretentious, cozy lived-in and 'make-do' style home where nothing is 'perfect', but is always kept reasonably clean and functional by ALL who live there.

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