Aura is a specialist retirement living developer and operator in Queensland founded by Tim Russell and Mark Taylor. The Aura Team is Brisbane-based with a combined 25 years of experience in the operation of retirement villages in Australia.

Aura's approach is simple: Residents come first.

Happy residents are the Aura Team's number one priority and we structure our entire business around putting residents' needs - now and in the future - ahead of all else.

With this in mind, Aura is focused on creating truly connected retirement living communities that are completely attuned and in tune with the way retirees want to live their lives. This means in addition to high quality independent living apartments, Aura's offering is built around the concept of 'connectedness'​; amongst residents, between residents and Aura management, with the local community and with flexible, on-demand care services provided by Five.Good.Friends.


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