• No Stamp Duty
  • No Exit Fees
  • Retain Capital Gains


We believe we all reach a moment in our lives when we recognise the value in slowing down. We realise that the small decisions become the ones that really matter – like spending time with like-minded friends and family, exploring new places and making new memories. The rush dissipates and life becomes more about enjoying the journey and less about the destination.

When we’re ready, we welcome the transition from a career to a passion and we do it for the challenge and not the paycheck. Home becomes a place where we hang our hat, and where our mail sits until we return. We celebrate our freedom to roam as we please, knowing that at the end of the day, when it’s time to return, we have a home and a friendly community to come home to.

Life is this simple at Orianna.

Our Sales office is open 

Tuesday to Friday              9am - 4pm

Saturday                          10am - 3pm


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