9 April 2019

Newspaper and television reporters converged on a Melbourne-based aged care facility on 1 April to cover the heart-warming story of Australia’s oldest person.

Nessie Kluckhenn celebrated her 110th birthday at the Mayflower Brighton.

According to a story in The Age, Ms Kluckhenn quipped that “she felt fantastic” - adding that “it’s time I was looking for a third husband.’’

In addition, one of the many relatives and friends at the event said she thought that Ms Kluckhenn had some whisky “hidden behind the telly”.

While the presence of the whisky may have been unconfirmed, Ms Kluckhenn did admit to being a “hopeless chocoholic” and said she thought enjoying regular sweet delights may have contributed to her longevity.

Ms Kluckhenn moved to Australia from Scotland 72 years old and is said to have a Glaswegian accent “thicker than Billy Connolly’s”.

She has lived at Mayflower Brighton since 2002, initially in an independent living unit, before moving to the facility’s aged care section in 2016 at the age of 106.

Her "baby" sister Minnie, aged 95, also lives at Mayflower, a couple of rooms away.

In the picture above, Minnie is on the left (dressed in green) and Nessie is on the right (dressed in pink).

According to a statement from Mayflower: “Both ladies are dearly loved by family who can be seen taking one or both of them out most of days of the week.”