30 April 2019

Downsizing.com.au’s founders Catherine and Amanda Graham (pictured above) have encouraged developers and agents to chase the booming over 50s real estate market, as part of two new corporate videos.

In the videos, Catherine and Amanda explain why they initially started the business 16 years ago and discuss some of the trends in retirement living since this time.

“We started the business because we were typical of many families, with the eldest daughter and daughter in law, looking for (a home for) an older family member, and we just couldn’t find anything online,” Amanda Graham says in the first of the two videos.

“So after a while we actually said ‘well, how hard can it be to build a website’.”

Catherine added: “We were on this journey, we had the audience and we knew there was a great need out there for what we were about to do.”

Amanda Graham said that, in the early days of the business, potential advertisers had “laughed at them” because they thought seniors would not use the internet. “This seems so crazy now,” Amanda said.

Amanda Graham said she had noticed many retirement living shifts during the time the business has been in operation.

“Initially, it was all about older family members, they just wanted the little one-bedroom apartment which cost very little and they wanted to give all the money to their kids,” she said.

“The baby boomers have really changed everything, they want resort-style living, they want all the luxury finishes and they want to spend all their money now on lifestyle.

“Real estate agents should be using the site where they have properties suitable for this market.

“It might be a townhouse, it might be a duplex, it might be properties for rent, because don’t forget there are a lot of renters in this age group as well.

“Empty nesters are after a luxury product, it may or may not be in the city, but it certainly offers a lifestyle.

“Those developers with properties catering for empty nesters need to be...front of mind and visible when people are doing those early research searches.”

Formerly known as Seniors Housing Online, Downsizing.com.au lists properties specifically earmarked for pre-retirees and retirees.

It attracts around 180,000 website views each month and services the eight million Australians aged 50 and over.

Downsizing.com.au lists a wide range of downsizing-friendly housing options, including retirement villages, seniors housing, general apartments, land lease dwellings and rental villages.

It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to downsize from the family home, or to the next stage of retirement living.

Downsizing.com.au lists properties for sale and for rent, along with aged care and home care services.

To discuss business development opportunities, please contact us at enquiries@downsizing.com.au

Watch the videos below: