3 September 2019

Downsizing.com.au has today launched a refreshed and mobile-friendly website, to help Australians over 50 find their dream home.

In addition to the property listings you need, our new website includes a revamped newsroom which will be Australia’s best source of news and advice about retirement living and downsizing.

So you never miss a thing, we are also publishing five weekly State newsletters, which deliver our newsroom stories and the latest feature properties to your inbox. Subscribe to these newsletters here.

You will also see that we have launched a new logo and confirmed our brand and URL as Downsizing.com.au.

If you are home hunting, at Downsizing.com.au we understand what you are going through.

Downsizing.com.au was founded by NSW-based Catherine and Amanda Graham (pictured above) in 2003, after a fruitless online search for retirement property for an elderly relative. The company was originally known as Seniors Housing Online.

The name Downsizing.com.au reflects the changing habits of our website viewers, who are increasingly looking for a wider variety of accommodation options.

This includes looking for traditional retirement property, such as retirement villages and land lease communities, along with general market downsizer-friendly homes, such as apartments and villas.

To this end, you might start to see more new general development projects on our site, alongside seniors housing.

We are servicing a growing demographic. There have never been more Australians in the downsizing age group, and the population is set to continue expanding throughout the rest of this century. 

In June 2018, some 8.3 million Australians were aged 50 and over, 11 per cent more than the 7.51 million five years earlier. 

The Productivity Commission in 2015 found that one in five older Australians have downsized by selling their property and purchased a less expensive home since turning 50, and about 5 per cent have sold and moved to renting. 

Downsizing.com.au has a loyal following, with some 160,000 overall website visits each month and more than 40,000 email subscribers and Facebook followers.

Importantly, we will also be continuing to offer our free Seniors Flatmates service, which helps connect seniors who are looking to rent together.

We want to help all Australians on their retirement and downsizing journey - whether buying or renting. We hope you take this journey with us.