Misconceptions abound about our age group - we're sure you've heard some of these before.

  • We’re not tech savvy
  • We’re frail and immobile
  • We’re sick and unhealthy
  • We have no aspirations, and no hopes or dreams for the future
  • We’re all retired and no longer active
  • We’re boring
  • We’re irrelevant
  • We’re unattractive
  • We’re not sexy

Like you, we laugh at each and every one of those preposterous statements.

We’re redefining ageing in every respect and are living rich and rewarding lives.

69% of us say age has never been less relevant. 78% of us feel much younger than our age. And 61% of us say we’re living the best years of our lives.

Those who mis-define us now will one day learn the truth when they reach their peak years. For example, they’ll discover that the lives of over 50s Australians are often sexier and more exciting than those in their 20s and 30s.

They’ll learn that over 50s are out there doing the same things they’re doing now.

They’re dating, learning new things at university, and they’re taking an interest in fashion and how they look. But over 50s are doing all this with more money in their pocket and approach these experiences with a level of “street smarts” that other generations just don’t have.

And, they will also find out that over 50s lead richer and bigger lives than younger people who are distracted by trying to build a career, raise a family, and generally figure out how this whole life thing works. As over 50s, we have all that figured out.

Basically, we don’t look old, we don’t act old and we don’t feel old.

Our generation is one that is redefining age. It doesn’t mean what others think it means.

For us, it’s just a number.

We are stylish, sexy, creative, productive and valued.

Most important of all, we’re happy and at the end of the day, that is what really counts.