This is a lovely wooden Edwardian home - fully furnished, insulated, equipped, set in flourishing garden. I have lived here sixteen years, travelling each year for a few months to South India where I am involved in a community by a sacred mountain.  When here I write, blogg, attend classes and meetings, films, etc.  Since returning from India last year I was alone editing a book; now I hope another person or couple will join me in this companionable house and look forward to this arrangement.

i prefer no red meat is cooked here since it smells just like dead human bodies burning, hence this is a pescatarian/vegetarian household. I think we all prefer not to live with noisey or untidy persons, certainly not with unclean habits, although I regard myself as relatively unfussy and hope everyone living here is also.

We are each responsible for keeping,our own rooms clean.  Shared rooms we can amicably maintain in an acceptable clean/tidy condition.

The temperature inside this house relative to outside can be maintained comfortably so that seldom are fans needed in summer; in winter dimplex heaters help to mediate temperature, so long as are careful not to waste energy.  It is is our own interests not to encourage high bills.

Hosing the garden is a great pleasure we can share  summer evenings and recycled water also feeds into the front garden from the bathroom.  Recycle pipes need to be attached in the laundry each time the washing machine is used and moved manually to evenly distribute the recycled water onto the back gardens.

A composting bin is behind the cubby-house which needs our attention to turn it over regularly and empty it on to the garden when it is properly composted.  There is a bucket for compostable scraps in the kitchen which needs emptying into the compost bin regularly.  Other waste is distributed according to the regulation Municipal Council Waste Disposal requirements; the big bins are on the northern pathway on the other side of the gate near the front side door.

This house is easy to keep clean so long as we consciously contribute from day to day, and we can work together to organise scheduled tasks as required.

Let's encourage one another to keep harmony within this household.



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