Regents Garden Aubin Grove Bungalows - Properties for Sale - Downsizing

Aware that we all want to live happy lives, Regents Garden - the place and its people - strives to bring happiness to our residents, staff and community by making quality of life a priority.

We strive to celebrate each resident's life and encourage them to live life to the full by providing service and support for the enhancement of a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Every day we work to lessen the causes of our resident's physical and mental discomfort, making their everyday lives happier which will bring happiness and contentment to their relatives, friends, our staff members and us all.

We have chosen to specialise in the field of residential care to set the benchmark in elegant and world-class residential aged care facilities for our older community.

To the best of our ability we offer our residents experiences of only exceptional quality, which in turn give us a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfilment.


Regents Garden Aubin Grove Bungalows For sale

$400,000 - $420,000

Regents Garden Aubin Grove Bungalows