Springwood Living Group is a boutique owner and manager of retirement villages. All our senior team members have over 15 years experience in national retirement and development companies. This gives us the unique ability to create the lifestyle that retirement should be; promising connection, freedom, security and financial peace of mind.

Our first flagship development was "The Woniora"​ retirement village at Wahroonga (NSW), which we commenced in 2014. Enjoying 100% occupancy, this community of 52 independent living apartments is much loved by residents and their families alike. Unit prices have appreciated significantly, as we work hand in hand with the resident committee to constantly enhance the quality of life for all who live there.

Building on the outstanding success of The Woniora, we are proud to be embarking on the next stage of our development journey - "The Healey"​ retirement village in Moorabbin (VIC)


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