Kyloring Housing Co-Op - Properties for Sale - Downsizing

The Kyloring Housing Co-operative has been established based on the following four pillars.  

Built Around the Needs of People
The residents have a say in the creation of the development and it is designed so it is inclusive of people and households with life limiting conditions who are capable of living independently.

Cohousing for Seniors
Deliberative co-design creates built form, shared spaces and the social infrastructure to balance freedom and security with stimulating and nurturing experiences.

Sustainability is ingrained in what we do and enforced through the Witchcliffe Ecovillage bylaws and guidelines. We will apply the triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial sustainability.

Permanently Affordable
The project will offer a new funding model for retirement living made uniquely possible using the co-operative legal structure, which will also offer opportunities for the community to invest in the project.  Importantly, this model ensures that the homes are affordable in perpetuity forming an essential part of the solution.

Kyloring Housing Co-operative For sale

$80,000 - $185,000

Kyloring Housing Co-operative