QLD - The Sunshine State

Retiring in Queensland means having some of the most unique natural wonders of Australia on your doorstep: the Great Barrier Reef, endless coastline with golden beaches, a million-year-old rainforest, impressive red desserts, beautiful wildlife, and more! It also means having more than 260 days of sunshine a year to enjoy it!

Nature is not the only attraction in the Sunshine State. You can also find world-class art exhibits, great theatres, fun events, a flourishing fine dining scene and all the facilities and services you may need during your retirement. It offers easy access to quality health services and has more than 122 public hospitals.

Many people say the best thing about living in Queensland is how welcoming and laid-back its residents are. You can enjoy quality retirement years in an age-friendly community where retirees are supported to stay healthy and active. Seniors can easily find specially designed courses to learn new useful skills at The University for the Third Age (U3A), and they can join programs like The Tech Savvy Seniors, run by the State Library of Queensland.

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